Become a volunteer and join our community

Newsvoice volunteers are the core of our community and an invaluable driving force. Our volunteers make us an inclusive news platform free from corporate and political influence.

Once you become a volunteer you will have access to our editing features. You will be able to:

  • Write summaries and headlines
  • Add entirely new stories
  • Join our growing community on Slack
  • Apply to become a moderator

You can join our volunteers at or via our app, under the About section.

Write summaries and headlines of news items

If you look at some stories in our feed you will see how different sources report the same news by using a certain tone of voice to give it a particular connotation. By writing a summary and a new headline you have the chance to bring forward the facts about the topic without being biased or misleading. It also means that you can choose to highlight certain aspects that you consider relevant and important.

Before writing a title and a summary it is important that you carefully read our summary guidelines. To ensure that the quality of all content is high, we are rejecting any summaries that aren’t following our guidelines.

As a Newsvoice volunteer, click the edit (pencil) button to write a headline and summary. On the edit page, add your suggestions in the text fields. Our moderators will then review your suggestion and approve it (or reject it if something does not follow our guidelines).  If your summary is rejected it will appear under “My Contributions” together with an explanation for the rejection. You can always revise your summary and submit it again.

You can use the Claim Summary button to let other contributors know that you are planning to write a summary. This will mark the news story as claimed for 15 minutes. If someone else has claimed a story, you can still write a summary for it, but be aware that someone else is most likely already working on it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 4.04.13 PM.png

Add entirely new stories

We encourage all our volunteers to submit interesting news stories that have not appeared in the feed. This is where you can unleash your investigative side and go around the web scouting for interesting stories that the mainstream media have not highlighted. The system will accept a submission if it has at least two different sources reporting it. Be sure to check out criteria on acceptable sources. Once again, our moderators will review your submission to make sure it follows our guidelines before its approved.

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Join the rest of the community on Slack

Once you sign up to become a volunteer you will receive an invite to join Slack.
We have different channels where volunteers and moderators can share ideas, links, add suggestions and feedback, or just get to know one another. A great first step is to introduce yourself in the #introductions channel to get to meet our other volunteers. We have created the #development channel where you can follow our development process in real time and ask any question you might have regarding features and new versions of the app and try out early beta versions of the Newsvoice app.

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There are also two channels, #summaries and #useractions, where you can get notification in real time when something is submitted, approved or rejected.  We suggest that you download the Slack app on your phone and enable notifications so that you can easily keep yourself up to date and check the status of your contributions.

Want to be involved with video content and social media?

We hope that you enjoy using Newsvoice. If that is the case, why not share some of the news topics that you are contributing to or are passionate about in social media to start conversations about them?

We are also to producing our own content, video interviews, and podcasts. There are many opportunities for volunteers to join in and take part of its production and distribution. We will post updates on Slack.

Apply to become a moderator

As we continue to grow, we are always on the lookout for new moderators. If you, as a volunteer, are particularly engaged and skilled, we offer the possibility of joining the team of moderators. This role is very important, and requires attention and precision in order to keep the quality of the content on Newsvoice up to the highest of standards.

Moderators have the authorization to approve or reject summaries, add stories and links, as well as manage and fix issues reported by our readers.